Solutions Overview

Imagu is dedicated to addressing the challenge of object recognition in it’s different worlds of content. Our technology enables object class recognition in multiple domains.

E commerce applications
Measurement of a human body via a standard webcam.
Defect on Chip
Image segmentation (3 layers) and defect detection in SEM imagery. In this example the software is applied to automatically classify defects on wafers. Imagu’s software does not require a reference image, it recognizes the pattern from the background, detects defects in the image and classifies their type.
Human Figure
Detection of a human object (military camera). In this example, the human object is extremely small.

Detection of cars in infra-red airborne imagery . In this example the challenge was to detect cars and armored vehicles and to differentiate between their different types, while allowing for an extremely small rate of false detections and misdetections.
Blood Vessels
Segmentation of a retinal blood vessels image with a wide variety of vessel widths and inhomogeneous background, creating a vessel-topology image. Such segmentation is important for the diagnosis and prognosis of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and arteriosclerosis.