Solutions: Body Measurements

Imagu’s software enables the most innovative UPcload webcam application. UPcload initiates a new era of e-fashion. The UPcloadID allows users to create an online profile of their dimensions and styling preferences, ensuring that clothing items bought online fit offline.

Accurate body measurements are retrieved by analyzing the images in 3 steps:
  1. Segmentation: precise separation of the human figure from the background overcoming shades, poor lightning, weak contrast between body-skin color and the background, and other challenges resulting from the home environment in which the picture is taken.
  2. Localization: precise identification of the different human organs (e.g. shoulders, wrists, chest).
  3. Measurements: measuring lengths, widths and circumferences of the body organs.


Please move mouse over image

Body measurements. In this example the challenge is to precisely detect the contour of the body and to calculate the different body measurements.