Imagu's Technology

Unlike standard object recognition technology which is comparison or change-based, Imagu’s proprietary shape-based detection technology performs geometric and topological detection to facilitate advanced object recognition and segmentation. Our software solutions can accurately and reliably identify numerous object classes in numerous environments by employing carefully selected and highly customizable algorithmic building-blocks.

Our technology enables object class recognition in multiple domains- we bring knowledge from different worlds of content to solve the specific challenges of each application.

Imagu software solutions: Architecture

As illustrated in the figure above, Imagu's technology is modular and multi-layered. The lion’s share of the technology is contained in generic modules, and only a single application-specific module (“Customization & Integration Module”) needs to be tailored to support new applications. This structure dramatically lowers project related risks as new applications can be developed cost effectively and within a short period of time. Our software enables reaching feasibility or “proof of concept” within weeks. Development of new applications, in accordance with customer requirements and goals, can be achieved within just a few months. This structure substantially reduces the costs and investment risks associated with the development process and time to market.